Your Resources and Fundraising Tips.

Planning your Dinner Party

To be a host with the most, your dinner party (or virtual dinner party) should be filled with laughs, stories and memories made. We’ve packed your Challenge Kit full of handy tips and ideas to help cook up a 3 Course Challenge dinner party to remember.

From an Indian trivia quiz, to stunning table stylings, these handy resources will perfectly complement your modern Indian cuisine.

When you register you will be given access to all of these amazing downloads.

Dinner Party Kit 

  • Invitation template
  • Place cards
  • Trivia quiz
  • Table styling guide
  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Spotify playlist 

When you raise $150 you’ll unlock access on your dashboard to these resources and to the private Facebook group so you can watch the recording of Sarah's cooking class where she'll teach you to cook the 3 Course Challenge menu. 

The 3 Course Challenge Kit

  • Printable Menus 
  • Recipes
  • Ingredients list

Top fundraising tips

Take the lead.

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When you make a personal donation to your fundraising page, you show your supporters that you’re committed to the cause. Share your donation and inspire friends and family through your leadership.

Put it out there.

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You’ve got more than a cooking challenge, you’ve got a fundraising challenge on your hands too. Once you’ve created your challenge page by registering for the event, start getting your message out there. Not only will you raise money to help support breast cancer research, you could also inspire your friends to join the challenge themselves. We've made it easy for you — go to your Dashboard to find the Social Share Tile and get social!

Ask your guests to donate.

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Once you’ve finalised your guestlist, ask your lucky group to donate to the cause. A strong start will help get the ball rolling.

Stay in touch via email.

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We’ve drafted an email for you in order to help you inspire friends to donate and support you. Visit the ‘get support’ page in your dashboard and fill in the details to email your family, friends, colleagues and networks to donate. It’s that easy. The more emails you send, the more you raise!

Keep your page updated and personal.

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When you set up your page, add photos and extra information about yourself. Share with all your friends and family to keep them up-to-date with your fundraising progress!

Start with a bang.

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When you begin your challenge, text five friends and ask for a donation of $30. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can start raise money for breast cancer research. When you’ve reached your first milestone of $150, post your achievement on Facebook, and let people know how much you’re planning to raise. People respond to a goal! 

Plus $150 is the magic number to gain access to the exclusive livestreamed cooking class with Sarah Todd.

Make sure you say thanks.

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When you receive a donation, don’t forget to send a personal note of thanks. Your gratitude is going to mean a lot to those supporting you. Simply go to your donations page and select ‘thank you’ and a message will be sent to your supporters.

Post a video or photo from your party.

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Let your friends and family see the fun you’re having. If you’re able to meet in person, (make sure you’re following local social distancing rules), take a photo or make a video during the night, and let your guests share their experiences with their friends and family on social media. Your dinner party is a great night to raise money – share your progress, keep your community involved and let them see how important your challenge really is. 

Don’t forget to use the #3CourseChallenge hashtag and tag @breastcancertrials

Have fun!

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The subject may be serious, but we’re all in it for the precious moments of life, and your dinner party can be one more to add to the list. Enjoy yourself and share the love. But don’t forget to follow social distancing guidelines and social gathering rules in your area.

Share your tips!

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When you join the private Facebook group for the 3 Course Challenge, you’ll start meeting your fellow challenge participants. It's a great way to connect and share tips and success stories about your fundraising efforts and get inspiration for fundraising ideas that will make the 3 Course Challenge an event with an impact!

Thank you to our generous partners.