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Why I am doing the 3 course challenge

My Wife is the reason I am doing the 3 course challenge.
I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with this beautiful human being for a good few decades now and like every good love story we have certainly had our our own fair share of challenges leading us to this very moment in time.
Our story is unique and just like a well cooked meal Love has been the key ingredient to our relationship along with generous portions of forgiveness, compassion and acceptance. The thought of having a limited time frame left with the person you love the most in the world is devastating. 
My World is a better place because Michelle is sharing it with me. Breast Cancer Trials research I know have already contributed to the amazing treatments that Michelle is undergoing to better her survival rate, with further research they will save the lives of many more that are yet to be diagnosed.  We are both so very grateful for the beautiful supportive people who are in our lives and we get to share our story with. Thank you for all your support and love.
Michelle you are amazing, your emotional strength and resilience is beyond words with the many personal challenges I continue to watch you face since our time together. So proud to stand beside you as your wife.
May you know you are surrounded by many positive loving people who love you and support you. Emily and I cannot wait to create the best French Soiree celebration for you once I have mastered the 3 course challenge with Manu... NOT LONG NOW and Yes there will be SAUCE :) 

Chemotherapy Covid-19 Style

11th August is a major milestone as it marks Michelle's final Chemotherapy session. Today we say a huge "Thank you" to the amazing staff who work in The Marianne Morgan Centre for Oncology & Hematology at Gosford Private Hospital. The  team have been outstanding attending to Michelle's every possible need before, during and after every session of her chemo. The team have worked non stop during Covid-19 ensuring the safety of every patient even with lock down restrictions in place. This team ensured that everyone's chemotherapy regime continues during these difficult and  challenging times. We salute you and say THANK YOU - MERCI BEAUCOUP 

Why I support Breast Cancer Trials

Michelle was originally diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer  in her left breast that required surgery and radiation therapy as part of her original treatment plan.
During the surgery to remove this cancer they detected and removed an additional cancer that was considerably larger. This cancer was graded as a stage 3 breast cancer. With this discovery and further review of imaging they then found an additional cancer in a different part of her left breast that required another lot of surgery. This cancer was graded as  stage 2 breast cancer.
This was no longer a diagnosis of a stage 1 breast cancer.
Thankfully all of the 3 different graded breast cancers had been detected within a short time frame.  
Michelle's new treatment plan had changed to include chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy. 
We are both so very grateful that the other cancers had been detected and that life saving treatment had already commenced securing the best survival chance possible.
I know we have come along way in our understanding of breast cancer and how to treat it; many people have shared their family and friend stories and experiences. Since Michelle's diagnosis I have been a front row witness to how responsive and quick her multi-disciplinary team has been managing  the 3 different cancers identified and put life saving treatments into action as quickly as they did.. None of these life saving measures could have happened without clinical trials research. 
The funds I am raising will help more people survive breast cancer and that includes my beautiful wife.
Michelle's resilience & courage throughout this journey has been amazing and inspiring. I salute all the amazing women who are and have battled breast cancer. I am doing this challenge with the goal that I want every person to survive breast cancer. Breast Cancer Trials lead the way into research for treatment and prevention. This is why I support Breast Cancer Trials.

Our Love Story with FRANCE

Our French story started back in the very early days of our relationship when I asked Michelle how she would like to celebrate a major mile stone; she replied "Lets go to Paris!". Unable to fulfill the request at the time, we threw out a challenge that if we are still together in 10 years lets do it and 10 years later our love story with FRANCE began. We returned year after year visiting the different regions of this beautiful country falling in love with it over and over again. We had planned to visit there again Sept this year as part of our honeymoon however 2020 had a very different plan for us. So,  if we can't get to France in 2020 my plan is to bring France to us. Once I complete the 3 course challenge we will celebrate Michelle's completion of Chemotherapy with a French themed soiree complete with Manu's 3 courses.

Why I am doing the 3 course challlenge

My Beautiful wife Michelle Stevenson was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. She is gearing up for her last chemotherapy session next week and is well into her cancer journey to beat this hideous disease. We are both budding Francophile's as Michelle introduced me to this beautiful culture and country many years ago. We have traveled many times to France and have made many beautiful memories there. Michelle has always had a huge appreciation for all things french hence I have accepted to take on this very challenge for a great cause.I have committed to cooking a three-course French meal under the expert instruction of Manu Feildel to raise money for breast cancer research. This cause is very close to my heart for obvious reasons and I hope that my contribution makes a difference. So please if you are in a position to donate and you would like to please go to my 3 course challenge page in the link below.…/sharonsteve…/manu-2020

Merci beaucoup et faites vérifier vos seins

I'm cooking to help find a cure for breast cancer!

This August, I’m taking on the 3 Course Challenge to raise funds for breast cancer trials research. I want to help protect the 1 in 7 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

By donating to my page, you’ll help fund clinical trials that are finding new ways to treat, prevent and ultimately cure breast cancer.

I’m sure it will be no easy feat but I’ll at least have top chef Manu Feildel to help me! I can’t wait to give it a go, have some fun and cook to help find a cure for breast cancer.

I’d love for you to support me and make a donation to Breast Cancer Trials today!

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Michelle Stevenson

Congratulations on reaching your goal my love! You have put an amazing effort into this challenge and it is so appreciated. I love you xxx


Phillip Robertson

You are the best thing that ever happened to Mum. Love you xxxooo


Blair Monin

Way to go cuz


Sharon Stevenson


Alison Meik

Good luck Sharon, you are already a great cook so you should make a great job of this! Lots of love to you both from Al and Uncle Ron xxx


Belinda Webb

You are an amazing and inspiring women xx


Trish Harrington

Hi Sharon, Happy to help by purchasing the Norman Lindsay print. Regards Trish


Margaret And Errol Grace

Lets hope they find a cure soon. All our love.


Shona Callaghan

Love you 😘 You are both so amazing xx


Julie Dendy

It’ll be a meal to remember and I’ll look forward to you re creating it at Haynes Close as you as we can all be together again. Love Julie and Phil xx


Cousin Leigh

Good on you both Every success in your challenge Go Michelle xx


Michelle Stevenson

Thank you to my amazing wife for your support, your generosity and for standing right beside me all the way. I love you xxx


Wisitta Gray

What an amazing testimony. All the best to you both.


Marilyn Mcmullen Counselling

Love to you both. Mx


Helen Cuttell

Looking forward to seeing you both next year and hoping you’ll re create the French meal then (hint hint). All our love from Somerset ❤️


Lisa King

Congratulations on finishing chemo, Michelle! Wishing you all the best on your post-chemo recovery and look forward to hearing from Sharon on your yearly milestones in moving forward with your life!


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Thinking of you both my darlings



Love from all


Sandra & Tim Bowden

Sure you’ll work out why we chose this amount xxx


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Much love to you both 💕


Sharon Mcinerney

Good luck with your journey and the challenge ladies. Love and Light to you always Sharon and John McInerney


Warren Ross Bingham

Love to you both xx


Judy Bishop

Well done, Sharon. It's a very worthy cause and, as you know, very meaningful to our family.


Kirstin Egan

Such a story of strength and support, it’s an awesome thing you’re doing.


Alex Martin

Good luck, Sharon! I hope Michelle is doing well.


Jill Glendenning

Great thing that you are doing. Love to both of you. xxxx


Hollie, Chris & Annabelle Emerson

The two of you are absolutely amazing. We love you both!


Zoe Pook

You got this girl!!!!!!!



Combining something you love doing and for a good cause as well, it’s win win. Good on you Sharon. Lots of love to you and Michelle.


Narelle Smee


Elizabeth Rawlings

All the best Michelle, love Liz xxx


Jon And Rae Cobham

All our love ❤


Alan Manuel

The fight to overcome Breast Cancer causes and when it happens the effects on so many. So happy with Michelles progress to continue your life as one.


Mel Money

Phil shared this amazing story with me and it was so great to hear about. I hope you have an amazing time cooking up a storm 🍽


Christine Harris

What a great challenge Sharon, sorry your wife is going through this journey, wishing you all the very best Michelle for the next stage of your treatment 🎀


Charlotte And Irish

Sending you both all our love! You’ll smash this Sharon xxxx


Yvonne Almond

Well done in all your fund raising. Sending love to you both. X


Izzy Leggett


Nicky Pellegriti

Great challenge Sharon for a sensational cause. Wonderful to see you do something positive for Breast cancer research. 2021 will be your year to shine Michelle xx


Jodi Adams

You are a wonderful partner and human Sharon. Well done for getting involved and let's hope cures are found very soon. x Here's to all of the amazing women who are and have battled breast cancer


Kerryn Ryan

Well done Sharon, a great cause to get behind.


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I lost my mum to breast cancer 17 years ago. Hope the challenge goes well. I kmow you'll have fun! Love and light to you both Chris xo


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Hey Sharon, I’d love to help anyway I can