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Continuing the Fight!

September will be life changing for me as I take the next step in my cancer prevention journey. Removing my remaining tube and ovaries and then tackling the daunting world of HRT or early menopause so I can kick this BRCA1 mutation to the kerb. 

I've got 3 kids in tow now so I had better be around to watch them grow into the magical little people I know they will be. So I have no choice but to undergo this radical surgery to improve my changes of survival, in the hope I never have to do cancer again. 

The BRCA-P clinical trial being conducted by Breast Cancer Trials Australia is the one thing that gives me hope that Taya will never have to make the decisions I have had to. Thank you for helping me change her future ❤️

I'm cooking to help find a cure for breast cancer!

This August, I’m taking on the 3 Course Challenge to raise funds for breast cancer trials research. I want to help protect the 1 in 7 women (like me) who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

By donating to my page, you’ll help fund clinical trials (like BRCA-P) that are finding new ways to treat, prevent and ultimately cure breast cancer. And maybe, just maybe change the future for my kids.

I’m sure it will be no easy feat but I’ll at least have top chef Manu Feildel to help me! I can’t wait to give it a go, have some fun and cook to help find a cure for breast cancer.

I’d love for you to support me and make a donation to Breast Cancer Trials today!

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Tanya Strom

All the best Rebecca, love Tanya Courtney Matt and Eric.xx


Deb And Dan Cardamone

You got this! 🙌


Andrew & Kate

Go Rebecca


Katherine Dimakis

You inspire me everyday x


Lyndall And John X

You will knock this out of the park Bec! Thank you for continuing to raise awareness and funding for change x


Lisa Kymantas

Phenomenal woman, you are so inspiring x


Rochelle Russo

So inspired by you and can’t wait to eat this food xx


Louise Strom

My little sister - the most courageous, tenacious, brave person I know! Very proud of you and love you to bits xx


Emily & Andrew

Superwoman, and the biggest inspiration. We love you xx


George & Kim Xo

cook up a storm Bec ;)


Laura And Gary

You are a superwoman! Our love always, Laura and Gary xxx


Priscille Vrljic

Get it Gurl!! Xxx


Courtaney Carpenter

Lots of love from the Carpenters in NZ


Jill September

You are such an inspiration! All the best Bec!


Neralee Payne

Let's double the goal


Rebecca Matthews



To the pretty lady who has always been by my side. I promise to return the favour and be there every step of the way with you xoxo



Love you Superwoman xxxx


Nicole Hmelnitsky

Your strength inspires me.


Tracy Bradford

You continue to inspire me and so many others with your strength, grace and determination. Much love to you 💕


Kelly Mariani

You are amazing. xx


Terry And Liz Kymantas

Kick butt Bec. With love and best wishes💕


Katie Gard


Tom Rogacki

You are an inspiration Bec


Jo-ann Matthews

Amazing young woman ❤️❤️


Vicki Matthews


Lauren Cauchi

Sending love always xx


Renee Debenedetti

You are amazing babe! Love you lots 😘


Lorn & Karen Ryan



Tracy & Rob

Hi Bev! You’re inspirational 😘


Joan Hayes

Thinking of you Bec. You’re such an inspiration xx


Brooke Hampton

One of the strongest women I know. Ive always looked up to you, but even more so now. Love you so much, you've got this!


Kylie Mallia


Vicky Marshall


Rebecca Matthews

I expect to be a taste tester for this cooking! 😉


Kristine Nugent

A great cause Rebecca



Hi Bec, Great initiative and good luck with the challenges!


Jennifer Boardman Shaw

Wishing you continued strength on your journey.


Tara Ladd



Marilena Bradley

Keep fighting girl, you have amazing strength! I wish you all the best xx


Margarita Russell

So much love to you & your beautiful family Bec. Your journey has been both terrifying and inspiring. I’m so glad you’ve been surrounded by truly supportive family & friends. I wish you nothing but the best health and happiness. ❤️


Anna Torcaso

Thank you to you for being part of the trial and wishing you the best of luck !


Samantha Earle

Love you, Superwoman! Xx


Hannah Ward

Your truly an inspiration bec xx


Anna Fitzgerald

Thank you Rebecca for all that you do for Breast Cancer Trials. Have a fabulous night!


Sarah Curto

You’ve got this!!! You are such a strong woman and I wish you all the best for the next step in your fight. XOXO


Vickii Love



Lorraine Mason



Sandra Faraone

Happy to help and donate. All the best Bec xo


Cassie Jackson

You are such an inspiration Bec!


Ross Compton

Good luck with everything coming up in September.


Daniel & Dawn Ellul



David Rowell


Joanne Low

Cook up a storm x


Jason Themistoklis & Handan Aydin

Well done, Bec. Keep fighting that food... I mean "good" fight!


Kara Preston

Dear Bec. My hope is that one day this hideous disease is a thing of the past and no woman ever has to go through what you have had to endure. You are brave, courageous and inspirational. Thankyou for sharing your journey so openly with us all. You are in my thoughts as you embark on the next step of your journey, I wish you good health and happiness now and forever xoxo