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Hopeful young woman

I was 34 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was one of the hardest experiences I've had to date and I hope one day a cure will mean that no one will need to suffer from breast cancer in future. 

Young women being diagnosed is particularly challenging for multiple reasons. It could be due to breast surgery (causing physical changes to appearance of the chest) or treatment (causing inability to bear children).  For me it the fact that I feel treatment has aged me considerably.  The hot flushes, bone aches, brain fog and fatigue.  

Often people see the suffering a patient undergoes during surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However a lot of young women who suffer from estrogen-positive chemo will require long term (5-10 years) endocrine/hormone therapy treatment to keep the cancer from recurring.  Remission does not change the constant fear. It never truly goes away. It's always in the back of your mind. 

At times, I questioned whether I would have the mental stamina to withstand the journey ahead. Whether the side effects would defeat me and whether I could still live a fulfilling life.  

I have no doubt that this journey will be long and it will be tumultuous.  I will fall. Maybe more than once. I will pick myself up. Again and again, day in day out. 

Because I am a hopeful young woman.

A gift to a charitable cause and a gift to my dinner course

This October, I’m taking on the 3 Course Challenge to raise funds for breast cancer trials research.

Of course, I have been personally affected by breast cancer having been diagnosed in January 2021. 

Knowing how difficult the whole experience can be, I want to help protect the 1 in 7 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

By donating to my page, you’ll help fund clinical trials that are finding new ways to treat, prevent and ultimately cure breast cancer. Your tax-deductible donation would be so appreciated and help make a real difference.

In addition, your donation will go towards an opportunity for me to have top chef Sarah Todd guide me through cooking a 3 course menu. I thought it would be such a cool charitable birthday gift, to have some fun and cook to help find a cure for breast cancer. ♥️

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With thanks to a few generous donors


Sian Nelson


Jana Music

I hope you get to work with the Top Chef! Sounds so cool!


Alicia Riera

Happy birthday beautiful!


Anon :)

Awesome man!!! You got this!!!


Mel Cummins

All the best, been thinking of you xx



Happy Birthday Em, and good luck !



Happy birthday girlfriend x




Cathy And Norm Lawler

Best wishes to Emily the Brave. Mum and Dad Lawler


Cam Read



You are so strong Emily, you have fought and won a tremendous battle. Just the left over shit to deal with! Here's to a world where people dont have to go through this crap😚🙏



Happy birthday ning nong!


Jenny Leong

Happy Belated Birthday Em! Xo


Kerrie-anne Lee

Happy Birthday! Always supporting you x


Mr Andrew Lawler


Emily Yong


Sarah Tyrrell

Happy cooking! Xx



Happy Birthday my dearest Emily. Of course you are doing something with food 😂 I miss talking food with you. Xo 😘


Dollar Match Day

With thanks to a few generous donors


Anne Pacquola


Alice Douglas

Get your cook on Emily!


Samantha Gathercole

Would love you to win the battle and the cooking opportunity!


Megan Patey

Happy Birthday gorgeous. X